Design Process

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This page is help others familiarize themselves with the design process for product design. To view a highlight of my projects, please click the link below.



Research is essential part of starting any project. There are many types of research needed to help familiarize oneself to create an innovative product such as: market research, competitive research, and user research. 

  • Market Research: Is the study of what is currently in the market 
  • User Research: There are many types of user research that can be conducted to know the user better like surveys, focus groups, and interviews. These types of research are used to really understand the user and what they are looking for or an opportunity for a solution.


Sketching is the initial step of form and function concept exploration. It helps visualize and explain ideas and concepts to others, which can help narrow down which ideas and concepts move forward tot eh next phase. 

Preliminary 3D CAD models is the next step in conceptualization. 

Renderings are used so that it is easier to visualize your concept or idea into a more life-like state or into a scene it will be used in.


Prototyping is a very helpful and necessary tool to determine if your concept really is what you intended it to be. Prototypes help gain a better sense of proportions to see if the size is appropriate and if it is comfortable to use for multiple users.