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Storage Furniture

Storage Furniture

Venturing into a category that has always been avoided



After ClosetMaid’s launch with bookcases, Target wanted more pieces to make into a collection and have it launched as soon as possible. They wanted an office collection and living room collection to go with the bookcases.



ClosetMaid has always been constrained to both closet storage or general storage pieces and have always avoided making furniture pieces such as TV stands, coffee tables, and desks. With the backing of a retailer, this gave ClosetMaid the push to expand their market and create a whole room solution for storage.


Initially there were two main ideas for the collection. The first being a more enclosed set, using doors to make the pieces feel more like furniture. The 2nd set was more modular and style driven where consumers could purchase different styles of doors and create their own system.


This collection features enclosed storage with a more transitional appearance. Having the pieces with doors made them feel more furniture like and keeps the versatility of being used in various parts of the home.








This collection features modularity and customizability. Consumers can essentially create their own space for their needs or wants. After creating their solutions, they could pick out accessories, like doors and feet, to create a trendy or conservative feel. 

Concept Refinement:

The team made a decision not to do a modular system because they tend to get pricey and can make purchasing a lot more complicated for the consumer. Making units entirely enclosed can also be more complex to assemble. As a refinement, pieces had a combination of enclosed and open storage, while maintaining versatility.

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Carrying the aesthetics over from the bookcases to the furniture collection was an easy transition. The refined collection is a mix of enclosed and open storage to help meet price targets. The thick honeycomb construction makes all the pieces look and feel robust with clean and simple lines, giving the furniture a more modern look.

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